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Hi! I’m Lesley, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of This is Lester. 


My early career and education at Canada’s leading school for Interior Design set me up to understand the psychology of space, color and our emotional connection through art & design. At 24 I made my way to New York City armed with a hockey bag of clothes, a pocket’s worth of cash and a crazy dream that anything was possible. Within six months, working for a small company doing huge live concerts & tours, I was Art Directing the Set Design at venues like Madison Square Garden & Radio City Music Hall (Um, wow - they put a lot of trust in me!). Five years later, I launched This is Lester organically with the intention that I would create exceptional, artful and deeply felt experiences that move people.


In my 20-year career, I have worked as a Set Designer for Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, on SNL, designed and produced VIP experiences for the NFL Super Bowl Concert Series, The Police’s last tour (ever), Madonna, J-Lo & Jay-Z, on nationally televised concerts on ABC & NBC, streamed series & virtual events for GQ and Stella Artois, and most humbly my work with mission-driven projects from One Earth Global Concert to the United Nations global campaign on sustainability. Additionally, I’m a guest speaker with youth at Universities, the YMCA, and inner city-arts programs on the possibilities of their future in the creative arts. As a strategic thinker with a digitally-driven mindset, I understand the power of connection. My work has generated millions of impressions, been turned into permanent installations, and has even been auctioned for charity.


Meet Lesley Morphy
“What happens in a room when you are present cannot happen on the printed page or on the screen.”


“What happens in a room when you are present cannot happen on the printed page or on the screen.”



What our clients say about us —


Details, details, details.

We are meticulous and truly believe that a successful experience requires leaving no stone unturned. Artists at our core, we know that each detail paints a more beautiful, impactful picture. 


Aside from our core team, we draw from a deep collection of artists and talent according to each project’s needs, ensuring we deliver creative excellence for our clients.

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Founded in 2009, we are a woman-owned and operated team of creatives, designers, strategists and producers.

We believe in the power of events and experiential marketing to create connection and drive results. 


Our mission is to create, design and share experiences, environments and art that have a positive impact on the world (and have fun while doing it!).

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